Path of the Daff

This DOCUMENTARY, a passion project by two brothers from Massachusetts, is a story of perseverance. It’s of the life-journey each of us takes – separate, but together. A study of the human spirit finding its strength to rally around each other when it’s needed most and continuing forward through any storms as told by following the path of one daffodil.

On its surface, this is a story about flowers, as we follow the journey of one daffodil bulb from the soil in the Netherlands through all the steps it takes to the finish line of the Boston Marathon at Marathon Sports. Below, this story moves deeper. It’s about hope, love, and perseverance. It’s about community. It’s about family. It’s that people can experience the same event in different ways, yet each way is valid. It’s about pushing through adversity and finding the strength to carry on. It’s about how different people work together to help an object fulfill its purpose/destiny. It’s about giving back in a different way. It’s about time marching on. In the end, it’s about humanity. And daffodils.

Our flower’s journey is told by the people who come in contact with it; whether they are survivors of the attack, art experts in flower symbolism, runners for a charity, or the grower keeping them alive, this hardy flower has a way of affecting everyone who helps it along its adventure. A positive spin on a tragedy, daffodils are now part of the healing process for this strong city as well as the newest tradition for the Boston Marathon.

The film was directed by National Geographic producer of “Wicked Tuna” Michael Piscitelli and produced by Michael Piscitelli, Matthew Piscitelli, and Clive Olson. Matt and Clive are partners in Olson’s Greenhouses and wanted to make this documentary as a gift to the city.

“PATH OF THE DAFF is our way of showing the resilience and strength the marathon has played in the hearts and minds of our city.  What better symbol of life and rebirth than the daffodil,” says Matthew J. Piscitelli, whose 27,000-cubic-ft cooler that houses the daffodils bulbs over the winter. Follow on Twitter and Instagram.

Some People Involved

JP & Liz Norden – 2013 bombing survivor and creators of A Leg Forever charity

Tom Grilk – CEO of Boston Athletic Association

Diane Valle – Creator of the Boston Marathon daffodils

Shane O’Hara – From Marathon Sports. He’s one of the many heroes from 2013

Paul Tucker – World-renown Monet expert and past curator of BMFA

Jan Pennings – World renown bulb grower

Dr Meredith Charney – Mass General psychologist